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10 Lessons I've Learned


A good idea doesn’t care who has it. Your clients as well as their customers often wax eloquent. You discover that wisdom by merely talking with them, then enhancing their wealth of experience by writing down and applying what you've learned.


If writing and designing are your principal skill sets. mastering the verbal and visual will
make you an efficient and effective business communicator no matter your life pursuit.


UCSB Library Services backstory:
Building better people is the ultimate goal of all education. That was the premise of this 2017 collateral presentation to the staff of UCSB Library Services to further enhance their already successful UCSB Reads library program.


At the always hectic university level, promoting campus library resources like frequent book discussions to expand student curiosity beyond their assigned textbooks is an ideal opportunity to advance even deeper appreciation of eclectic points of view from UCSB students emanating from around the globe… 


Pausing to reflect on the personal experiences of students while they progress through their grade levels captures post-graduate aspirations nurtured beyond the University classroom.

Then & Now success stories like this were written and designed to dramatize human interest, when student desire meets student determination…

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