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10 Lessons I've Learned


A good idea doesn’t care who has it. Your clients as well as their customers often wax eloquent. You discover that wisdom by merely talking with them, then enhancing their wealth of experience by writing down and applying what you've learned.


If writing and designing are your principal skill sets. mastering the verbal and visual will
make you an efficient and effective business communicator no matter your life pursuit.


                                                        When you count among your clientele                                                                    the President of United Airlines…  or the CEO of Allstate Insurance… or the Chairman of Quaker Oats Company — just to name a few, including the upwardly mobile staffs and families of such industry luminaries, you are constantly aware to aim high in your messaging, never insulting the IQ of anyone walking through your doors, never underestimating the influence —good or bad— of every guest you invite to your place of business.

Paul initially expected his showroom
staff to be attired in shirt and tie.
Predictably he always preferred those
shirts be crisp white. On his way to
eventually exceeding $500-million in annual revenues at five locations, Tamraz' customer-centric tenets delivered their rewards. Safe to say he reluctantly lifted his white-shirt-only mandate. And where do you suppose this tough-as-nails Type-A
personality acquired the patience
and stamina to appreciate the long
term rewards of hard work? How
about by absorbing the ethos of
literally every member of his family
toiling for years on the GM assembly lines when he was a kid growing up in Flint, Michigan.

"We're all in the personal service business first,
then the business of providing luxury vehicles."

And so his stores' 600+ eventual employees have been
chronically reminded of the virtues of adhering to
Motor Werks original culture as clearly defined by
owner, Paul Tamraz.

"Each day is our opportunity to make every customer experience at Motor Werks a positive customer experience.”

When I began my extended journey with Paul, he already was planning to grow his humble in-town storefront facility to a
17-acre parcel of prime turf at the edge of town. He proceeded to
engage the services of the firm that built the iconic shopping mecca, Water Tower Place on Chicago's Miracle Mile. Tamraz' dream would become one of  the first indoor multi-showroom

automotive sales and service facilities in the country: Six 2,000 s/f showrooms, plenty of visitor parking and acres of on-the-ground vehicle inventory. Motor Werks' immaculate service facilities alone would house 24 bays exceeding 20,000 s/f, employing 77 certified technicians.

Motor Werks backstory:  Whether a
price-point local newspaper classified ad or a showcase
display ad in the regional edition of the Wall Street Journal, since the mid 1980's Motor Werks was intent on branding itself as a truly remarkable breath of fresh air in the often thoughtless and crass retail automobile advertising category in suburban Chicagoland.

The simultaneous benefit of an intelligent approach to Motor Werks public messaging was that we were able to bolster employee pride and mitigate employee turnover (a chronic problem in most retail automotive sales departments) as well as attract the attention of new recruits who responded to the respect we showed to our customers and our loyal staff.

Remarkably, all this was ignited long before there was an internet, email, social media or search engine optimization to help get the job done.

When Paul asked long time client and Super Bowl XX championship coach, Mike Ditka to serve as radio spokesperson for Motor Werks, we were searching for just the right language to marry the legendary Chicago sports personality to
the Motor Werks brand — and out pops from the
head of Jim Hub, Motor Werks partner and COO
the classic phrase “In a league of its own”
perfectly pairing the two popular icons.

Paul Tamraz

From day one, that was the principle
tenet of a remarkable retailer and
to-die-for advertising client, Paul
Tamraz — radical thinker, industry
visionary and change agent of Motor
Werks of Barrington, Illinois.

Motor Werks' often editorial-style messaging was no coincidence. In a print medium plagued with look-alike "pub set" ads, Motor Werks ads were written and designed to elevate credibility in a retail industry category desperately in need of it, and especially appropriate for buyers of  luxury priced vehicles who expected and deserved every ounce of exceptional treatment you could provide.
The more you tell, the more you sell. After all, Motor Werks employed the experts premium vehicle customers were seeking…

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Here was a guy who pioneered
entrepreneurial spirit decades before
it became today's popular buzzword.
He had intractable beliefs. He stuck
to those beliefs. He risked his own capital to support those beliefs. He's been handsomely rewarded for that tenacity.