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10 Lessons I've Learned


A good idea doesn’t care who has it. Your clients as well as their customers often wax eloquent. You discover that wisdom by merely talking with them, then enhancing their wealth of experience by writing down and applying what you've learned.


If writing and designing are your principal skill sets. mastering the verbal and visual will
make you an efficient and effective business communicator no matter your life pursuit.


Etcetera backstory: Etcetera is  
the luxury casualwear division of New York’s
renowned Carlisle-Etcetera fashion house.
For 19 years the company’s independent
stylists have presented quarterly fashion trunk
shows to display their wares to buyer prospects.

Today, more than 500 stylists
throughout the country are the
Etcetera fashion consultants
and order takers who display
the clothes for a week in their
homes during each quarterly

Trunk show attendees are invited via
8-week email marketing campaigns. Once impressed with the superior designs and craftsmanship of Etcetera fashions after they see, feel and try on the sample selections, attendees proceed to place their orders with their exclusive area stylist and trunk show host. Etcetera Santa Barbara began showing and selling as one of those independent relationship marketers in 2016 with our customized email content…

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