A good idea doesn’t care who has it. Your clients as well as their customers often wax eloquent. You discover that wisdom by merely talking with them, then enhancing their wealth of experience by writing down and applying what you've learned.


If writing and designing are your principal skill sets. mastering the verbal and visual will
make you an efficient and effective business communicator no matter your life pursuit.




Cowley & Burke Stylists backstory:  

Targeting fashion challenged women

in Santa Barbara, including women
with maturing bodies,
image consultants Francie Cowley

& Mary Burke set out to service their
clientele's fashion desires with a

hands-on, in home assessment
which includes closet decluttering,
wardrobe editing, accessorizing, shopping accompaniment, event styling for individuals and groups — even travel packing services. Francie is also a licensed, certified esthetician.















While women of all ages (and men, too) are welcomed to participate in their own private counsel session, Cowley & Burke are stylists who address the too often overlooked needs of clients with more mature body types.


"We'll help turn your closet into a fashion treasure trove," promise the duo — for any age, any gender or any body type. The Cowley & Burke mantra, in the words of  Yves Saint Laurent: “Fashions fade.
But style is eternal.”

Written and profiled in a blog series were iconic divas of all eras, spanning from the two Kates (Hepburn to Middleton) and representing fashion attributes that reflect indelible personal style — attributes to which potential C&B clients can easily aspire, starting with proper accessorizing guided by Francie and Mary, two age-appropriate, fashion-conscious Santa Barbara residents who are experienced certified wardrobe stylists…