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10 Lessons I've Learned


A good idea doesn’t care who has it. Your clients as well as their customers often wax eloquent. You discover that wisdom by merely talking with them, then enhancing their wealth of experience by writing down and applying what you've learned.


If writing and designing are your principal skill sets. mastering the verbal and visual will
make you an efficient and effective business communicator no matter your life pursuit.


To remind new and existing Anthem clients to keep fit and stay their healthiest while transitioning to and through that long and winding road, our messaging encouraged all 10,000 or so Americans each day turning 65 …with revelations of several familiar notables also steering that course.


We then  delineated under the umbrella theme Club Anthem,
all of the significant benefits provided by Anthem Healthcare experienced managers ready to be there for them every step of the way.


"Anthem already manages the health concerns of 5.4 million 65+ Americans. That’s a lot of real world experience that just keeps improving year after year as we guide you through the ever advancing pharmaceutical and life asserting medical technologies."

"So we remind all who've made it to these golden years to be proud. Take a close look. "You're living among an array of impressive achievers." All the more reason to stay happy. Stay healthy. And continue to be one of those fellow achievers."

"It's time to surround yourself with the most meaningful health care benefits in America…"

Anthem Healthcare’s Club Anthem…

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Anthem Healthcare backstory:

Prepared in 2018, this campaign was conceived to target a huge audience: all Americans near or at age 65 qualifying
for Medicare health coverage.

"Stay healthy. You're living among a
pretty impressive peer group."

It's time to cherish and share your accomplished life.
A time to enjoy a more relaxed obligation free pace.